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Data quality can be compromised anywhere along the health GIS actors supply chain.The quality of health data gathered by each actor is affected by a number of soft meta-variables such as skill level & profile, culture, emotions, communication, ethics, etc. These intangible variables contribute to data gaps in public health GIS products.

To remedy this, we have developed a novel GIS system which creates a new meta-layer of quality vector information superimposed onto the ordinary GIS health information layer, quantifying previously intangible health variables, and significantly increasing the predictive power of mathematical, public health GIS models.

Vector-Parametized Health Information System

Our proposed GIS solution is called Vector-Parametized Health Information System (VPHIS), an integrated hardware/software solution including big data, AI processing and advanced GIS data visualization.

  • Nemacloud cloud & AI-based software with TAGDit transfer voting core and 6D Black Scholls model (3 -functional prototype – testing user experience)
  • Hardware Intellipole smart wireless IoT outdoor lamp post (1.5)
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The Medical GIS system is an obvious missing link in our health care system, as many countries and entities try to standardize. In the following paragraphs, some of the opportunities our outlined as we refine the project focus.

  • Improving healthcare delivery In emergency medicine, time is of utmost importance. A GIS developed for southern Ontario combined data on ambulance locations with a data set containing the location, time of day, response time, and type of call for each ambulance call. This system allowed analysts to display maps of response times by type of call and responding ambulance, and to identify calls and locations with unusually high response times.

  • Prediction and control of disease spread A GIS has become an important tool in mapping and predicting the spread of disease, thus allowing the healthcare planners to develop a containment plan.

  • Nursing case management Using GIS, a nurse case manager is able to see which community resources are in proximity to their patients (eg Therapy providers, home health agencies and pharmacies). This information is beneficial in rural locations and for a community to assess the need for expanding or lacking resources.

  • Geomedicine Patients will benefit from a more precise understanding of the links between their health and where they live, work and play. The geographic location can provide the context within which the clinician can assess environmental problems.

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Measures Trust

Transferred votes and post ratings offer a measurement of trust, one of the most valuable assets of all.

A new way to quantify trust

Trust has been one of the intangible assets which has been particularly difficult to quantify until now … but through algorithms which gather data on interactions within the group, vote transfers, information shared and posts rated, one can start to measure this previously unquantifiable asset.

Group Memory Bank

Sharing everyone’s research and ideas in one big bank of knowledge, and the best thing is, if people leave, their ingenuity stays!

Information Free For All

Intellectual property is normally locked away in the minds of the individuals. By sharing this into the group brain, this can be stored and accessed by anyone at any point. It also means that it is continuously grows over time.

Better Decisions

Algorithms pull together information based on the ideas and interactions of your group organism, with all this information at your fingertips, decision making becomes easy.

Quick decisions

Access to ideas and feedback from all members of your group – in every position, at every level, offers a unique overall view from which to make informed decisions.

Encrypted Information

Designed with the strongest possible protection via FHIR standard ofElectronic health record (EHR).

Security for your Data

Meets HIPPA security standards with best physical practices, firewalls, password and blockchain encryption.

IoT Sensor Integration

IntelliPole rugged IoT enabled smart remote solar-powered light pole supporting the next generation of 3rd party medical IoT including wearables, field devices, portable health monitors for monitoring both chronic and vector borne diseases.

Hardware for Data Collection

Sensory information includes: EMG, ECG, Glucose, temperature, body position, emergency, SP02, blood pressure, airflow, GSR, sphygmomanometer, microarrays, microfluidic lab-on-chips, mini-biosensors

Quality Vectors

TAGDit converges user social data, IoT data and 3rd party referential databases to construct a quality vector for all GIS data.

Enhanced Quality Data

Data visualization can explore different combinations of quality vector and standard GIS data to give high quality information for informed decision making.

Revenue Generator

Money for nothing ... An advertising slot amongst your posts generates passive income for your clinic with each impression.

Easy Earning for Clinics

‘Ask an expert’ creates an avenue in which outsiders can seek paid advice.

New Analytics Insights

Nemacloud AI provides powerful data analytics and GIS data visualization, as well as support for remote diagnostics.

Enhanced Data Interpretation

Nemacloud AI offers recommendations in data-driven chronic and vector-borne disease health care.

Collective Intelligence

No more working in isolation and reinventing the wheel, with TAGDit, everyone’s brilliance becomes a shared resource.

Combined Brain Power

Specialized topics can be difficult to find information on, but with a group brain these are made easily accessible. Think of all that boosted mind power as well as the time you will save.